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February 24, 2016

AROMA FOODS & PACKAGING LIMITED was founded by Mr. Siame Mengo Christopher and Kasawa Jane in their quest to provide food services to the general public in Mbala district and was registered with the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) on 27/11/2007.
The company was registered with the view of establishing a Restaurant and Fast Foods outlet in the tourism sector which will make available quality service to the tourism industry in Zambia. AROMA FOODS & PACKAGING LIMITED has a group of learned and effective workforce which promptly and effectively responds to the demands of the market.
The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing business sectors of the economy, and AROMA FOODS & PACKAGING LIMITED intends to capitalize on the success of this industry by taking advantage of hospitality opportunities in the Northern Province.
Director Siame Mengo Christopher and Secretary Kasawa Jane currently hold the company’s stock. Prior to starting AROMA FOODS & PACKAGING LIMITED, Mr Siame was engaged in different business activities. He has selected a small team with extensive hospitality skills, all of whom will be invaluable to the new venture. His co-workers bring a combined total of 5 years of tourism industry experience to the company.
Since registration, the company has been engaged in the hospitality and food chain supply services and has delivered quality services to our customers. We have a team of young, energetic and vibrant men and women who are dedicated to ensuring that quality service is delivered on time.

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