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Allstyles Business Consultants is a management consultant specialized in Entrepreneur & Business Strategy Information, under which we provide management and business strategy information consultancy to our clients, focusing on reducing the cost of doing business. Our work ranges from consultancy, business software, web design and development Domain management, Marketing, Advertising and security services.

Services We Offer

Business Consultancy
Website Development
Software Development
Guarding Services

The Background



Allstyles Business Consultants was founded by Mr Nyirenda Shadreck in 2009 with the view to provide services to both institutions and the general public. We are focusing on reducing the cost of doing business by providing cost-effective business systems. Before registration, the business was called Allstyles Business Centre. The business was then registered with Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) under CAP 389 of the laws of Zambia on 22nd July 2009 as Allstyles Computech Systems Centre. We got registered with the Zambia Revenue Authority on 2nd December 2009.



On 09th June 2015, the business changed its name to Allstyles Business Consultants as a way of enhancing consultancy services, then proceeded to register with National Pension Schemes Authority (NAPSA) on 24th December 2015. The last registration was with Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) on 08/08/2018. Our work background dates back to 2009 where we worked with a number of companies, Institutions and individual customers. Allstyles Business Consultants began its operations with 03 staff, which were the director, office Assistant, and the security officer.



The business has gone through multiple restructuring as a way of enhancing the performance, this restructuring include the organization chart that has been modified from time to time.The first organization chart had the director as head and then the manager, office assistant and other personnel. The new organization chart was the introduced in 2015 which saw the change of office assistant to administrative assistant but because the administrative assistant was third in command, this chart was modified in 2018 which placed the administrative assistant second in command.